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Book Description Proceedings of the 15th International Specialty Conference on Cold Regions Engineering, held in Quebec City, Canada, August 19-22, 2012. This collection contains 82 peer-reviewed papers on new developments in cold regions engineering and technologies. These papers offer a truly international view of the current state of knowledge in different aspects of civil engineering […]

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Book Description Public-Private Partnerships: Case Studies in Infrastructure Development demystifies this innovative solution to the challenges of designing, financing, building, and operating major infrastructure projects. In today s world, partnerships between public agencies federal, state, and local and private companies are an increasingly popular policy tool. At a time when infrastructure in the United States […]

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Book Description Geotechnical and civil engineers all over the world continue to face problems with a wide range of geosystems involving materials that remain under partially saturated conditions throughout the year. The lack of education and training among engineering graduates and practitioners to properly deal with unsaturated soil conditions has resulted in faulty or excessively […]

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